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Taxes and fees; profit and loss from ordinary activities; Shareholders’ interests in the minority;

Net profit or loss of the exercise period.

Additional elements, titles and subgroups of elements are required to appear at PA&SH if:  required by an IAS (IAS) criterion or such a presentation is required for one honest presentation of the financial performance of enterprise.

The factors to consider are: materiality, nature and function of the components of different income and expenses.

The classification of elements in P a & SH can be done:

According to the nature of the expenses

According to functions.

The statement of changes in net capital shows:

Net income or loss of period training; each element of income and expenses, profit or loss,

The cumulative effect of policy changes accounting and error correction of important. Prom owners’ actions with capital and distribution between them; actions with treasury shares;

Tiera other actions with effect on capital items.

This statement serves to provide information about assessment of liquidity and solvency of economic entity. This mirror consists of three parts key in which information is given about the flow of secured monetary assets and used by and for:

Operational Activity

Investment activity

Financial activity

Operational activity represents – MM provided by sale of goods and services, from the collection of it customer rights; and go out for payment of suppliers, employee salaries, purchase of materials, etc.

Investment activity represents – MM provided by sale of long-term assets; and used for purchase of the unit’s long-term assets.

Financing activity represents – MM obtained in the form of owner and used loans and capital for loan repayment and for profit sharing and equity owners.

Structure – Explanatory notes should:

Present information about the basics of preparation financial statements as well as specific accounting policies selected and applied to most events and actions important

Clarify the information required by the IAS which is not presented elsewhere in the financial statements; and Japing provide additional information which is not presented in other financial statements but which is required for one sincere appearance.

Notes must be presented in order of order able to help users of financial statements to understand financial statements and compare them with those of other units.

The ranking of recommended annexes in IAS 1 is as follows: statement of compliance with IAS or standards, rules accounting used for PF construction; overview of the assessment bases used and policies accounting used; supporting information for the elements presented in each financial statement in turn with which each element is presented in the financial statements; and other explanatory notes including:

Conditional obligations, commitments and other submissions financial, as well as non-financial explanatory statements.

Accounting Policy presentation – this section should describe how follows the basics (or basis) of the assessment used in the preparation of financial statements; and any specific accounting policy which is required for an appropriate understanding of financial statements.

To decide whether a specific accounting policy is needed presented or not, the direction takes into account whether the presentation will help users understand the way how actions and events are reflected in the performance of reported and in the financial situation.

board of directors and / or the group head of the entity. IAS 1 stipulates that to ensure the appropriate level of user transparency, Published PF for general purposes must consist of: statement of financial position (balance sheet); statement of comprehensive income and expenses;  Overview of changes in equity; cash flow statement; and

Shije explanatory notes (annexes) Financial Reporting – The totality of information communicated by financial accounting in the form of tables, figures and words, presented according to certain rules. Public able financial reporting of a unit is the main and almost only source of information for external users.  The reliability of PF information is very important for the economic development of a country, for the introduction of foreign capital and foreign direct investment, for the development of financial markets, etc. In the “Basic Accounting Principles” is explained and given the techniques of PF construction by the accounting system.

Accounting policies that a unit may present, but may don’t limit yourself to them, they are as follows: income recognition; Ken’s principles of consolidation, including subsidiaries and associates; business combination; joint venture;

Recognition and depreciation / amortization of long-term assets material and non-material;

Capitalization of borrowing costs and expenses others;

Dirt construction contracts; Und real estate investments; investments and financial instruments; easing (financial leasing); Zhvillimit development research costs;  inventories; taxes, including deferred taxes; provisions; employee benefit costs; I met foreign exchange and coverage;

. Determining the business segments and the basis of

Cost distribution between segments (operational or geographical; determination of monetary assets and their equivalents; inflation accounting; and Ever Government donations and grants.

For a society to prosper, it must have of course:

– Writing & Arithmetic

– Private Property & Parana

– Credit / lending

– Trade & Capital

Capital society cannot exist without the double registration method.

Beginnings with the birth of writing

 1494 – Luca Aioli – mathematician – father of modern accounting.

Due to cultural changes, historical, environmental, various places have developed various PPPs.

Accounting reports are affected by the level of taxes and fees, who are the users or and the level of inflation.

PF – pieces of paper – but hidden behind the digits the real physical wealth of the unit

– Birth of the loan – the need for control on the borrower

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