Create a view where you can display the Product Category and the number of orders made by   employees living in the USA Create a view where you can display the list of names of employees who have placed orders with   product named ‘Chai’ Create a view where you […]

• Radio Bluetooth is the lowest level in the Bluetooth specification. Specifies the requirements of the Bluetooth receiver / transmitter running at 2.4 GHz. • Bandwidth and connection control allows physical connection between Bluetooth units. Baseband deals with the processing and timing of the transmission channel, while the connection controller […]

One of the biggest advantages of IrDA from the point of view of manufacturers is its low cost. Infrared ports can be incorporated into a device at a cost of only $ 1, a very low cost compared to other WPAN standards. Bluetooth is a wireless LAN technology designed to […]

5.7 WLAN Topologies A WLAN can be configured in several ways: 1. Peer-to-Peer 2. Access point configuration 3. Multiple access points with access points 5.7.1 Peer to Peer In a Peer to Peer configuration, wireless devices are directly connected to each other as shown in the figure. P2P configurations are […]

Figure 5.5 Frame Format ❑ Frame control (FC). The FC field is 2 bytes long and specifies the frame type as well as some control information. Table 2 describes the subfields ❑ D. In all types of frames, except one, this field determines the duration of the transmission which is […]

5.3 Architecture The standard defines two types of services: the basic services set (BSS) and the extended service set (ESS). 5.3.1 Basic service set IEEE 802.11 defines the BSS Service State BSS set as the building block of wireless LANs. It consists of fixed or mobile devices, mobile and a […]

As for encryption, WEP uses a 24-bit initialization vector which is added to the WEP key. This vector changes in each packet sent by providing a basic data encryption level. Unfortunately both security forms in WEP have some problems. In terms of authentication, WEP supports no more than four keys […]

Wireless networks serve many purposes. In some cases they are used as cable replacements and in other cases they are used to provide access to corporate data remotely. Industry and technology have enabled these networks to be already valid and not just in limited regions. Mobile communication systems are the […]

From the last lecture we have the design and construction of a synchronous sequential system, the Diver of sequences. Usually when designing a sequential system, solving the problem can lead to the appearance of excessive internal states. So the diagram or table of states can contain more condition than the […]

We explained above that the output of sequential logic systems depends on the input of the system and the state of his previous. So, these systems need to use a memory element for it maintaining the previous state of the system, bistables are used for this purpose. A bistable can […]