Computers and Data

A computer stores data in terms of numbers. Conditions of a

computer shows include binary digits you can get the shape of

the presence or service of magnetic signaling in a medium memory, i

similar to a lit key (1) or not (0). In computer systems, too

letters, words, and full texts are digitally represented by digits

binary. Digital logic is the basis of electrical systems, just like computers

and cell phones. This system facilitates the design of electrical circuits that

convey information, Including logical gates. Digital logic facilitates

informatics, robotics and other applications. Digital Logic is

basic for the fields of electrical engineering and computer engineering.

Digital logic designers build complex electrical components that

use electrical and computer features. Digital Logic is used for

The best services, you can find both circulation and processor microchips. For you

Information with digital logic, you must first know this binary.

The counting system that people use today in everyday life when communicating

with each other is the December system (based on 10). The base 10 system consists of

10 different symbols: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Using certain rules,

numbers larger than 9. can also be constructed

we can describe them as follows:

To represent a number greater than 9, join more than one symbol,

one after another so that:

• The first symbol to the right represents the units

• The second symbol on the right represents the tens

• The third symbol on the right represents the hundreds

• And so on ……

Each number from right to left has its own “weight”, the first to the right has

weight one, the second has weight 10 and so on. Below is the formation of a

base number 10.

To determine a numbering system, it is sufficient to specify the basis and rules

of formation. A counting system can be formed by fixing some rules

formation and using different bases B. If we decide that as symbols of one

B-based counting system to get B the first numbers of the base system 10

if B <= 10, or if the base of the system is greater than 10, we get how

the first 10 symbols (0-9) and k other symbols B = (10 + k).

• Base numbering system 2, the symbols are 0.1

• Based on counting system 3, the symbols are 0.1.2

• Numbering system based on 8, the symbols are 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7

• Based on counting system 16, the symbols are 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, A, B, C, D, E, F

As a rule, we encode the encoding: we attach each digit to the nth (numbered by e

right to left) of a number A expressed in the B-counting system,

(A) B, a weight equal to Bn.

The concept of code is closely related to information theory. How many times do we have to do

by sending a message or memorizing the message which contains one

information, the formal representation of the message is determined. Any method followed for

the formal representation of the message is called coding.

To describe a C code, the following are defined:

• A set A with characters (symbols) called the coding alphabet

• A D community with all possible combinations of characters

alphabet A meaningful (words). Community D can be called a dictionary of


• A T (coding) transformation rule that attaches each element of a

community O with objects, one and only one element from the dictionary dictionary. this

rule transformation T is generally a bijective application of O to D.

If the community O is composed of all objects and all the concepts that

can be formulated by human language, code C can be called a language and

the action of applying the T rule is language coding. In case the action is

bijectively, there is also the opposite transformation of the T community and as an action

is called decoding.

One of the oldest codes that exists today is the Morse code that has the alphabet

A = {. , -}. A code can be used by a system to transport

information, as well as to process information. Transferring information from one system to another who do not use the same code does not

recognize the same code, the need arises to transform the message into the code you understand

system. People today have built a variety of codes for how to exchange

information from person to person, from person to computer and from computer to


A B-based counting system defines a code. If we fix a system

B-based counting and the alphabet A = {0.1, …, B-1}. If we fix even in digits

we can build Bn word. For example, if we fix B = 3 and n = 2, the words e

possible to build are 32: 00, 01, 10, 11, 20, 21, 22, 12, 02.

Nowadays, computers use binary system for storage, processing and

transporting information. A bit (binary digit) is the smallest unit of

computer information. A bit has a single binary value, 0 or 1. Inside,

computers operate in binary numbers. When interacting with users,

communication is based on December. Input is received in December by the user, then

converted to binary for internal processing. As an output, the result should be

converted from its internal binary representation to a decimal form. system

digital represents and manipulates binary information.

In order to enable the transmission of a message, the presence of e

a communication system that sends the message from sender to receiver

through a communication channel.

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